Explorers are very passionate about outdoor learning and feel children should be free to access the outdoors come rain or shine. There's no such thing as bad weather its wrong clothing so we have a boot room full of wellies and waterproofs so we can play whatever the weather does.

Explorers children spend many hours having fun exploring fields, collecting bugs and climbing trees their opportunity of learning is open ended. Children understanding of the world is a daily occurrence at Explorers from watching the farm machinery plant crops to later running through the corn fields. They also have their very own Baby Cows to look after the mathematics skills they gain from this is incredible from counting milk scoops, to filling buckets and watching the baby cows change in size there's no better way to learn.


Hello my name is Carl, also known as "Farmer Carl" to the children. I am married to Jenna, the nursery manager and owner. I work on the farm and the children often tell me all about their adventures, when they are out on the farm. There are always questions about my machines and the cows.