Our Parent and Carer Weekly Groups

Parent and Child Groups

During the pandemic, we became critically aware of the impact reduced social contact was having on both parents/carers and children. As such, we felt we could help the local community reconnect with opportunities that support children’s development, whilst also providing an essential social link for parents and carers.

So, in 2022 we introduced Parent and Child Groups to our range of services.

The aim of these sessions is to welcome families into our setting, allowing children to play alongside other children, whilst learning new skills with their parents/carers. This not only allows parents/carers to gain an insight into our nursery, ethos and curriculum, but also allows families to sample the learning that takes place together. During these sessions, parents/carers get to know one another, establishing and building those all-important social networks.

If you’d like to find out more about the Parent and Child Groups we offer, please get in touch.