Our 0-2 room provides a big space for your little ones to explore. Baby Room offers a variety of open ended play experiences, from pots and pans to construction, sand and water play and lots more which are put into place through in the way of enhancements and activities that are taken from children's interests on a regular basis.

We have a defined messy area in which children are able to explore lots of different textures using all 5 senses. These activities include, water, slime and jelly among others. We will also support their physical development by pull up bars around the room and by the staff putting resources out that will encourage the development from sitting, crawling to walking. We have recently redeveloped our Baby Room (September 2017) by extending the room and creating a separate 'snug' area in which children can experience a soothing atmosphere to build relationships with key workers and take themselves off into the cosy environment for a much deserved rest from all the new learning.

Outdoor play is vital for baby's development, here at Explorers we promote this through our own baby garden that is located just outside our room. This area offers heuristic and messy play through our large walk-in sand pit, mud kitchen and water area. The garden is half artificial grass that enables textures for the children to feel. We have a hut area in the centre of the garden which is used for sleep time in suitable weathers and for song or story time.

We have 5 highly motivated practitioners in the 0-2 rooms that pride themselves in making yourselves and your little ones feel safe and secure. It is extremely important to us. All practitioners within Baby Room are Paediatric First Aid trained and two practitioners hold their Level 2 Safeguarding qualification. 


Our tots room moved into a larger environment in ( September 2017) Tots room has many areas each area is enhanced daily by our experienced practitioner to make sure our Explorers are having lots of fun, whilst still covering the 7 areas of learning. The room is divided into two spaces with a beautiful arch dividing the space.

In one half we have the messy area where the children have a glass easel to express themselves. There is also a sand and water tray, a full head to toe chalk board, Junk Modelling, writing tools and so much more. The other half of the arch has a home corner where the children often cook up amazing food to share with friends.

We also have a cosy area which is used for registration and throughout the day the children can freely access books to read alone or share with friends or practitioners.  We have a combined space that makes up our small world and construction area


Pre school parlour is a new addition to our setting. We have been up and running since September 2017. The parlour is a large open plan room that offers free flow into an enclosed garden. We offer a unique environment which lends itself to effective learning. Within pre school parlor we have two additional rooms, one that is used for quiet time and another room that children use as their provocation room.

 Pre-school children's independence is promoted through the free flow access of toilet facilities which connects to an open cloakroom where children are encouraged to follow self-registration via the registration board which also links to early literacy through name recognition. For all the pre-school parlour is attached to the main nursery to promote the inclusive feel of the setting, our pre-school parlour has it's own main entrance door to promote a school ready feel.


Explorers are very passionate about outdoor learning and feel children should be free to access the outdoors come rain or shine. There's no such thing as bad weather its wrong clothing so we have a boot room full of wellies and waterproofs so we can play whatever the weather does.

Explorers children spend many hours having fun exploring fields, collecting bugs and climbing trees their opportunity of learning is open ended. Children understanding of the world is a daily occurrence at Explorers from watching the farm machinery plant crops to later running through the corn fields. They also have their very own Baby Cows to look after the mathematic skills they gain from this is incredible from counting milk scoops, to filling buckets and watching the baby cows change in size there's no better way to learn.

Hello my name is Carl, also known as "Farmer Carl" to the children. I am  married to Jenna, the nursery manager and owner. I work on the farm and  the children often tell me all about their adventures, when they are out on the farm. There are always questions about my machines and the cows.

The everyone room has been created to allow all children to explore a new environment on a more smaller ratio.This also gives the Practitioners more opportunities to focus in on children's individuals needs. Depending on which area of learning Practitioners are focusing on determines which resources will be in the room daily.We also use the every one room when we have other agencies coming into Explorers. For example when we work with the health visitors to do integrated two year checks.