Extra Activities

Extra Activities

Here at Explorers, we believe that every experience is a learning experience. As such, we offer a rich and inclusive range of activities to support and extend our curriculum. Here’s just a flavour of what is on offer:

  • Tots Adventures
  • Cookery
  • Spanish (delivered by Lingotots)
  • Horse riding
  • Swimming (at Northside Farm)
  • Off-site visits

Unless otherwise stated, all of our activities are led by our own skilled practitioners. And we have very exciting plans to soon be able to host swimming lessons on-site with our own purpose-built pool…watch this space!

The above is just a sample of what’s on offer at Explorers and there is a reason for that: our curriculum is ever-changing because the children at Explorers are ever-changing! We believe in creating learning experiences that are tailored to our children’s needs and interests.

Spanish Lessons

Tots and Tweenies Adventure

How does an ever-changing curriculum work?

Our curriculum is informed by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, and the seven lead learning principles are embedded in everything we do. But we don’t support your child’s development in these areas in the same way every year or even in the same way for every child; we listen to the children, finding and exploring learning opportunities within their interests.


What does this look like in practice?

In Preschool recently, children have been reading Valerie Thomas’ Winnie’s Big Bad Robot. This led to some fantastic opportunities with playdough, as the children moulded their own robots using loose parts materials to enhance their creations. What does this part do? How does your robot do that? There were so many questions about robots and machines, that this inspired a trip to a dairy farm where our Explorers were shown how a robotic milking machine worked. Learning at Explorers is always fun and rarely happens the same way twice!