Bumble Bees Library

Bumble Bees Library

Literacy has always been at the heart of what we do here at Explorers, and the building work we undertook in 2021 gave manager Jenna, just the opportunity to create the early years library she’d always wanted.

Set back from the corridor in an open-plan space, Bumble Bees Library is a truly magical, book-filled playground for our young ones’ imaginations.

Children can climb the ladder to access our bee hive inspired library, where they will find an extensive range of both fiction and non-fiction books. Once they’ve chosen a book, children can relax in the comfort of the cosy seating area that is filled with rugs and beanbags.

Staff are on-hand to read stories to children, bringing characters and fantastic imaginary worlds to life in their animated and inspiring re-tellings. However, children are also encouraged to engage with the books independently, looking at the words and pictures, and often asking the most insightful, thought-provoking questions.

Our library is updated regularly, but we love to receive book recommendations from our Explorers and their families – please let us know what you love reading!