Ages 2-3

Our tots room moved into a larger environment in ( September 2017) Tots room has many areas each area is enhanced daily by our experienced practitioner to make sure our Explorers are having lots of fun, whilst still covering the 7 areas of learning. The room is divided into two spaces with a beautiful arch dividing the space.

In one half we have the messy area where the children have a glass easel to express themselves. There is also a sand and water tray, a full head to toe chalk board, Junk Modelling, writing tools and so much more. The other half of the arch has a home corner where the children often cook up amazing food to share with friends.

We also have a cosy area which is used for registration and throughout the day the children can freely access books to read alone or share with friends or practitioners. We have a combined space that makes up our small world and construction area